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Office Space for Lease Scams!


Avoid Office Space for Lease Scams!

Office Space Scams have been in existence for many years. The office space that is leased from someone who doesn’t own it happens more than we wish to consider.  Always rent or lease from someone who is reputable and well known. Why take a chance!

Local Rental Scam:

  • White collar crime criminal sees office space for lease from the street.
  • Criminal will list the office rental on Craigslist or local paper.
  • Criminal puts new locks on the office rental by breaking and entering.
  • Office Space renter signs paperwork with criminal clueless to who the rightful owner is.

Beware that this kind of office for lease Rockford scam exist!

Avoid office space scam checklist:

  • Always go to rental office for available office space for lease.
  • If needed call city to see if office space center is licensed.
  • Be sure leasing company and managers name is on the lease or agreement.
  • If still not sure ask for references.
  • Talk to tenants.
  • Do an internet search using the company’s name.

Always make sure you do everything from our front office. We at East Wind Office Complex have been leasing Affordable Rockford Office Space for over 40 years.

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