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Recent interview with Jeff Richards at East Wind Office Center. *

ELWhy do you believe if somebody is leasing Rockford office space they should be using East Wind Office Center?

Jeff: The number one reason is we are the most affordable office space in Rockford. We have one to six room suites that are very well maintained.  Some of the one and two room suites include all the maintenance and utilities.

ELWhat else is included?

JeffIncluded is a maintenance man who’s on premises five days a week. The grounds are snow plowed in the winter. The sidewalks are continually shoveled.

Also included in the rents are services for security.  We have gates that are locked up at night and opened up in the morning.  Sometimes in between the staff will walk the premises to make sure everything is secure?

ELWhy do you have such a low vacancy rate when the economy here, we are in year 2011, is performing so poorly? The vacancy rate and occupancy rate in Rockford is just plain tragic!

JeffThe number one reason!  I still say its affordability, affordable office space.  When you come to our office complex, you feel a small town atmosphere that’s nice.  Our office Center gives you that personal feeling with fellow office tenants.  You have to come here to see it. It’s just like a small town here.

ELAll right thank you. I have been talking to the tenants.  You have a lot of happy campers here.

JeffWe have people that been here for 20+ years and they’re very happy here. Numerous tenants occupy our office complex. We have dentists, chiropractors, insurance agents, real estate companies, real estate appraisers, hair salons, sometimes jewelry appraisers, Jewelers, heath food stores, cleaning services, therapist, remodeling companies, financial people, doctors, attorneys, and on and on!  We have covered just about all the bases here at the East Wind Office Complex.

ELI know I have leased from you several years before I retired from my business. Old age crept up on me. Do you have a lot of other people like me, Jeff? Those renting from you who are here or actually retire here!

Jeff: Yes it’s funny you happen to mention that we had several people just recently retire from here. Skip Brown who was an insurance agent from State Farm just recently retired. He must have been okay with everything. Little over 20 years I believe.  If he spent that much time here he must have been happy.  I don’t think Skip would’ve stayed up until retirement and not for over 20 years anyway.

EL: I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did if I would be unhappy.

Jeff: True, the reason people are staying this long is that they are satisfied.  We love to show potential tenants the spaces and services we have available. We are proud office space Rockford owners.

EL: All right thank you Jeff.  I got it.

*Please be informed I, EL Turcotte do IT consulting for the Richards Companies and have had many happy years as a tenant at East Wind  Office Center before semi retiring. I leased Rockford office space at East Wind Office Center for several years.

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