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Tips on Office Leasing Rockford

Leasing an office space is actually one of the most important decisions in any business. It involves a long term commitment that will affect the company’s profit and loss. Choosing the right office must always be in line with your company business plan.

Office Location and Price Range Important.

Location is the first factor you need to consider. But what is a good location? It definitely depends on the nature of your business. Is it necessary to locate your office at a Central Business Complex? Having your office located at a prime location definitely boosts the company image.

Does your customer need to visit you often? If your customers’ needs to visit your office often, it is preferable to be located near them.

Is it convenient for your employee? Do not overlook how location impacts your employees. An inconvenient location with poor transportation accessibility will lower morale. It may also affect your company’s ability to employ good talents as well as retaining them.

Office leases are based mainly on location. You need to strike a good balance of prime location and the lease amount you are going to pay monthly. Any Savings on your office space can be applied to your company marketing or prospecting budget.  That should bring in more income for your company.

Get the right size of office space.

Use commonsense selecting office space. Avoid making mistakes on your office choice. Review your company expansion plan so as to determine the length of the lease. I hope the following questions help!

  • Is a conference room needed?
  • How many people should it be able to accommodate?
  • How many personal MUST have an individual room?
  • Individual rooms take up quite more space as compare to open space.
  • Generally, open concept offices optimize the office space.
  • Does your company expect to grow within the next few years?

Check out the office space and surrounding facility.

Spend some time and effort on checking the office building and surrounding facilities. Ask the following questions!

  • Is there a professional on site building management?
  • Is there banking facilities near the building?
  • Does the parking facility suit you?
  • What do some of the tenants in the building have to say?
  • What is the central air conditioning and heating situation?

Please give the above some consideration. We believe at East Wind Business Complex we can meet or exceed your needs for Rockford Office Space.

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