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Office Space for Lease Scams!


Avoid Office Space for Lease Scams!

Office Space Scams have been in existence for many years. The office space that is leased from someone who doesn’t own it happens more than we wish to consider.  Always rent or lease from someone who is reputable and well known. Why take a chance!

Local Rental Scam:

  • White collar crime criminal sees office space for lease from the street.
  • Criminal will list the office rental on Craigslist or local paper.
  • Criminal puts new locks on the office rental by breaking and entering.
  • Office Space renter signs paperwork with criminal clueless to who the rightful owner is.

Beware that this kind of office for lease Rockford scam exist!

Avoid office space scam checklist:

  • Always go to rental office for available office space for lease.
  • If needed call city to see if office space center is licensed.
  • Be sure leasing company and managers name is on the lease or agreement.
  • If still not sure ask for references.
  • Talk to tenants.
  • Do an internet search using the company’s name.

Always make sure you do everything from our front office. We at East Wind Office Complex have been leasing Affordable Rockford Office Space for over 40 years.

Office Space for Lease Rockford, IL

Driving through any town and you will see office space available signs. With all the office buildings in Illinois having  office space for lease signs it is a frequent sight. Look enough and you will find the right office space to fill your need.

Many companies across the nation are downsizing, Lots of office centers like East Wind Office Center are opening up office space that would not have been offered years ago.  

An office building space available sign warrants you to checkout the property. If everything looks acceptable from the curb, contact the office building (815. 399.7687) and ask if the office space you need is available. We are located at 129 Phelps Ave, Rockford, IL 61108.

  • Establish time you want to start leasing.
  • Decide the time span of the lease.
  • Finally, figure the office space size.

Once you decide on the above you can sort out all the options. Finding the right office space is simple if you know how to begin. Hope this helps in your search for the best office space for lease in Rockford.

Tips on Office Leasing Rockford

Leasing an office space is actually one of the most important decisions in any business. It involves a long term commitment that will affect the company’s profit and loss. Choosing the right office must always be in line with your company business plan.

Office Location and Price Range Important.

Location is the first factor you need to consider. But what is a good location? It definitely depends on the nature of your business. Is it necessary to locate your office at a Central Business Complex? Having your office located at a prime location definitely boosts the company image.

Does your customer need to visit you often? If your customers’ needs to visit your office often, it is preferable to be located near them.

Is it convenient for your employee? Do not overlook how location impacts your employees. An inconvenient location with poor transportation accessibility will lower morale. It may also affect your company’s ability to employ good talents as well as retaining them.

Office leases are based mainly on location. You need to strike a good balance of prime location and the lease amount you are going to pay monthly. Any Savings on your office space can be applied to your company marketing or prospecting budget.  That should bring in more income for your company.

Get the right size of office space.

Use commonsense selecting office space. Avoid making mistakes on your office choice. Review your company expansion plan so as to determine the length of the lease. I hope the following questions help!

  • Is a conference room needed?
  • How many people should it be able to accommodate?
  • How many personal MUST have an individual room?
  • Individual rooms take up quite more space as compare to open space.
  • Generally, open concept offices optimize the office space.
  • Does your company expect to grow within the next few years?

Check out the office space and surrounding facility.

Spend some time and effort on checking the office building and surrounding facilities. Ask the following questions!

  • Is there a professional on site building management?
  • Is there banking facilities near the building?
  • Does the parking facility suit you?
  • What do some of the tenants in the building have to say?
  • What is the central air conditioning and heating situation?

Please give the above some consideration. We believe at East Wind Business Complex we can meet or exceed your needs for Rockford Office Space.

Office Space Rockford

Recent interview with Jeff Richards at East Wind Office Center. *

ELWhy do you believe if somebody is leasing Rockford office space they should be using East Wind Office Center?

Jeff: The number one reason is we are the most affordable office space in Rockford. We have one to six room suites that are very well maintained.  Some of the one and two room suites include all the maintenance and utilities.

ELWhat else is included?

JeffIncluded is a maintenance man who’s on premises five days a week. The grounds are snow plowed in the winter. The sidewalks are continually shoveled.

Also included in the rents are services for security.  We have gates that are locked up at night and opened up in the morning.  Sometimes in between the staff will walk the premises to make sure everything is secure?

ELWhy do you have such a low vacancy rate when the economy here, we are in year 2011, is performing so poorly? The vacancy rate and occupancy rate in Rockford is just plain tragic!

JeffThe number one reason!  I still say its affordability, affordable office space.  When you come to our office complex, you feel a small town atmosphere that’s nice.  Our office Center gives you that personal feeling with fellow office tenants.  You have to come here to see it. It’s just like a small town here.

ELAll right thank you. I have been talking to the tenants.  You have a lot of happy campers here.

JeffWe have people that been here for 20+ years and they’re very happy here. Numerous tenants occupy our office complex. We have dentists, chiropractors, insurance agents, real estate companies, real estate appraisers, hair salons, sometimes jewelry appraisers, Jewelers, heath food stores, cleaning services, therapist, remodeling companies, financial people, doctors, attorneys, and on and on!  We have covered just about all the bases here at the East Wind Office Complex.

ELI know I have leased from you several years before I retired from my business. Old age crept up on me. Do you have a lot of other people like me, Jeff? Those renting from you who are here or actually retire here!

Jeff: Yes it’s funny you happen to mention that we had several people just recently retire from here. Skip Brown who was an insurance agent from State Farm just recently retired. He must have been okay with everything. Little over 20 years I believe.  If he spent that much time here he must have been happy.  I don’t think Skip would’ve stayed up until retirement and not for over 20 years anyway.

EL: I wouldn’t have stayed as long as I did if I would be unhappy.

Jeff: True, the reason people are staying this long is that they are satisfied.  We love to show potential tenants the spaces and services we have available. We are proud office space Rockford owners.

EL: All right thank you Jeff.  I got it.

*Please be informed I, EL Turcotte do IT consulting for the Richards Companies and have had many happy years as a tenant at East Wind  Office Center before semi retiring. I leased Rockford office space at East Wind Office Center for several years.

Rockford Office Space Quote

Let East Wind Office Space Complex Rockford give you a quote! Whether you need a single office or a multi room office, East Wind can help you with your office space needs.  We have been in Rockford for a long time and believe our prices are extremely completive considering what you are getting in return.

We have prices to suit every requirement. We have a wide range of office types to fill your office space requirements. If needed we can design build your office space to your needs.

If you need a conference room for only a day or maybe just a couple of weeks let us give you a quote. We are flexible and want to work with you.

Check out our fair rates for the office space you have in mind.  You will just be required to fill in certain details about the office you want to establish:

  • Number of employees
  • Number of rooms you want
  • Room functions
  • The size of the space you desire
  •  And other pertinent matters.

The ability to rent or lease office space that suits all your requirements takes some work on your part.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we have been helping our clients for decades!  East Wind Office Complex has been solving office space challenges for decades.

East Wind Office Complex has available:

  • Retail and office space
  • Furnished and unfurnished offices
  • Secretarial services
  • Conference space  
  • Storage space
  • Space designed to your needs