Affordable Office Space for lease Rockford, Illinois

What to look for when selecting your office space!

Your decision of where to have your office space will impact the course of your business.

The most important consideration when renting office space is location. Everyone has heard the cliché location, location, location. Well it’s true, location is everything. East Wind Business Complex is conveniently located.

We are centrally located.  Location should be the number one consideration when looking for office space. Our location and assorted business clients will help you get off to a good start.

The community surrounding your location plays considerable when leasing or renting an office space. At East Wind you will establish a sense of credibility with your potential clients and established clients.

Accessibility to clients and employees is a no brainer. We are close to public transportation, medical centers, libraries, restaurants, gyms, and shopping. Let’s just say you are within walking distant.  The latter is likewise much needed to be able to gain the services of highly efficient people who do not wish to relocate to accept your offer of employment.

Also, we at East Wind Business Complex want to remind you of the affordable pricing of our office units. Price is not the only consideration.

You must consider the condition of the grounds and the rental units? Rest assured we have full time employees keeping the grounds and buildings in tip top shape.

East Wind is a great place for a new business or established business to locate.  We have clients that have been here at East Wind Business Complex for over 30 years. Many of them have retired while at our location. Customer satisfaction is everything.

Give us a call at 815.399.7687 and let us show you around. We are a second generation family owned office rental complex. Please tell us your situation. Tell us your office space requirements. We can work with you to meet your space requirements. We also can build you a custom space.  Call us. You will be glad you did!

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