Affordable Office Space for lease Rockford, Illinois

Office Space for Lease Rockford, IL

Driving through any town and you will see office space available signs. With all the office buildings in Illinois having  office space for lease signs it is a frequent sight. Look enough and you will find the right office space to fill your need.

Many companies across the nation are downsizing, Lots of office centers like East Wind Office Center are opening up office space that would not have been offered years ago.  

An office building space available sign warrants you to checkout the property. If everything looks acceptable from the curb, contact the office building (815. 399.7687) and ask if the office space you need is available. We are located at 129 Phelps Ave, Rockford, IL 61108.

  • Establish time you want to start leasing.
  • Decide the time span of the lease.
  • Finally, figure the office space size.

Once you decide on the above you can sort out all the options. Finding the right office space is simple if you know how to begin. Hope this helps in your search for the best office space for lease in Rockford.

East Wind Business Complex

 129 Phelps Ave

 Rockford, IL.  61108

 Monday - Friday

 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

call 815.399.7687